Acknowledgment and Thanks

© Jessica E. Leonard, daughter of Margaret A. McQuillan

I am deeply grateful to so many people:

  • The History Workshop Lüneburg for their passion and commitment to “telling the story” of all the Jewish families in Lüneburg and advocating for justice and moral responsibility. Individually and as a group, their mission is to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and educate present and future generations about racism and genocide;
  • Brigitte and Joachim Ness whose commitment to fulfill the dying wish of their close friend, Elke Rohde, resulted in the return of our family’s menorah to me (which was sold to her aunt in 1940) and set in motion a series of events that brought me and my family “home” to Lüneburg;
  • The Ahronheim and Less family members who shared so many stories, documents, photographs and anecdotes;
  • Anna and Leopold Less for their strength, resilience, dignity, and love of family;
  • My mother for encouraging me to write;
  • My children, Jessica and Matthew, to whom this story was first told;
  • My husband, Mark, for his constant love and encouragement; and, of course,
  • My dear father for all the unconditional love, guidance and support he gave me as a child and as an adult.

As he told the story to me, I now pass it on to others.

Margaret McQuillan



“To me, the title ‘An Orange In Winter’ means that in the winter of evil the orange symbolizes hope.”
Eleven year old student


An Orange in Winter Copyright © 2017 by Margaret A. McQuillan and Geschichtswerkstatt Lüneburg e.V.. All Rights Reserved.


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